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    In the Heart of London

    Docklands Academy, London, situated in the financial district of London, the heart of the city, provides an aspiring environment to learn, and grow professionally.

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    Admissions Process

    The admissions process, entry requirements, and what you need to
    know before you start your studies at Docklands Academy.

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    International Students

    Here you’ll find all the information you need, to help you
    through the admissions process, and your visa application.

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    Catering & Restaurant Management

    Learn how to run a restaurant through our Applied Learning
    partnerships with leading restaurants in London.

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Lecturers on 30th Oct will start from 11:00 AM due to Public speaking seminar@ 6:30pm

Docklands Academy, London

Cultivating Resourceful, Leading individuals.

It begins here.

Docklands Academy, London aims to cultivate resourceful, leading individuals, successful and  knowledgeable  in their chosen subject areas, who, by utilising the wisdom and experience of their skilled and professional lecturers, will be best equipped to face today’s world and its current universal values.

We have established unique partnerships with industry leaders to develop unique work based learning programmes, enabling students to develop their professional and prepare them for the working environment in the real world.

We have also created partnerships with national and international universities, colleges and awarding organisations to provide the best courses and learning experience for our students.

Why DAL?

Academic Excellence, in the heart of London.

Docklands Academy, London is ideally situated, in the heart of London’s financial district.

Our academic staff are experts in their fields, and have invaluable experience in their industries.

Exclusive partnerships with industry leading restaurants offer unique work-based learning opportunities.

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